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Interior Design

A home is a very personal place. To many people it is an extension of their personality, a testament to who they are. A truly creative interior design team such as Ormond Soft Furnishings can play a vital role in this self expression.

Here at Ormond Soft Furnishings we believe a good designer cannot work too closely with their clients. A designer’s role is to interpret their client’s aspirations.

Realising a client’s aspirations is an exciting partnership and one that fully exploits the designer’s wide range of expertise. By providing a variety of collections in our showroom, including designer fabrics, wallpapers, paints, blinds, rugs, trimmings, lighting, furniture and other accessories we can ensure that each client is offered an extensive choice of products to suit all budgets.

We offer on site consultations, a selection of schemes, a fully costed estimate and an interior design project management service from the development of the initial design through to the delivery of the finished items, including fitting of soft furnishings.

Sheila’s Advice…

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Interior design is all about furnishing your home with good quality products that will wear well, look good and be both comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

The colour grey is popular at present but needs to be matched with warm complementary colours, especially here in Ireland as our climate can lack sunshine and can make your home feel cold and dull. A north facing room cries out for the introduction of warm colours such as raspberry, burnt orange, deep rose pink or tomato. This will give it a welcoming glow, making a previously cold room seem warm and inviting.  South facing rooms can have their greys mixed with shades of green, mustard, lemon, blue and purples.

When decorating your room, do not purchase any product until you have carefully and correctly matched the colours of each item that you intend to use. This can be achieved by getting samples of all your materials such as fabrics, wood colour, carpet, tile, paints and wallpaper. Leave them in the room you intend to decorate and check that the colours blend together with the light that is in that room.

Pick a reputable furniture store when purchasing furniture; take your room measurements with you, they will willingly guide you on the correct size and lay out of the pieces you choose to purchase.

Your windows are the eyes of your room and can be of various shapes and sizes, it is important that you get correct advice from a professional curtain designer, who can talk you through the various treatments that are available as well as the fabric colours and textures most likely to work well in the room.